Friday, January 22, 2016

Three Months

This is an extra special Friday at our house. Lots to love, as opposed to my last Friday post two weeks ago. My absence from blogging can be attributed to trying to enjoy the last few days of maternity leave and then returning to work (briefly!). This Friday Quinn is three months old, both Matt and I are off work (paternity leave for him and a snow day for me), and we are embarking on the biggest snowfall in five years! We celebrated today by going out for a quick lunch before a lot of extra together time this weekend.

Snow Day Story
Now for some quick updates on the life and times of Q. Three months! Hard to believe. Just today I had to bust out some of her bigger sleepers because she is so stinking long! She's like a little banana baby...long and skinny. We don't have a doctor appointment this month, so I am unsure of her exact stats but she has probably grown another inch and I would estimate she weighs about 12.5 pounds. We have lots of smiles and laughs coming from our sweet girl. She is also getting super strong. She can hold her head up pretty reliably and LOVES 'standing up' on our laps. She also loves to dance while we sing her songs. Some of her favorites include the Twist, the Whip Nae Nae, and Michael Jackson's Shake Your Body, along with all the things I randomly make up. I wish I could get a good video of it, but when you pull out a camera she becomes very serious and wants to stare at that instead. She's very observant and curious about all the things around her.

Quinn continues to have a lot to say. She makes lots of happy noises all the time. She still loves all things with lights and enjoys being in her play gym. She has become an expert at grasping her toys and reaching for the things she likes and that interest her. I guess all her time at the gym in paying off...I think she is strengthening her core. She spends a lot of time bringing her feet up to her chest recently, but hasn't quite found her feet with her hands. Speaking of hands, Q has spent a lot of time this past month sucking on her hands. It seems like when she is awake she is always moving. She loves to kick her feet and flail her arms.

Loves sucking her hands
The other night I left the room to heat up my dinner, I came back she had picked this up from beside her head and was grasping it with both hands! Go Quinn!
Matt and I continue to feel like we have won the lottery with Quinn's happy demeanor. She still sleeps like a champ in her crib each night. We had a little bit of a transition when we decided to drop the swaddle from her sleep sack, but now we are all set. I usually have to wake her up in the morning after about 9-11 hours of sleep. Up until about a week ago she was a great napper too, but seems to just want to entertain us during the day. I will most definitely take that in exchange for the great nighttime sleep!

The road to dropping the swaddle.
This is the month that my maternity leave ran out (although I have been lucky to have snow days and two hour delays most of the days, so it still feels like working isn't real) and I had to go back to work when Q was 12 weeks old. We are lucky enough to have Matt be able to take his paternity leave now, and then have family coming in to take care of her until the beginning of February. After that she will start daycare. I feel very good about where she will be going, but hard nonetheless.

Since her two month post, Quinn's clogged tear duct has opened (!), she's been to the audiologist and passed with flying colors, she celebrated Christmas, has taken her first road trip, and rocked in 2016. We are looking forward to her first big snow this weekend, her baptism next weekend, lots more milestones, and getting to see her personality develop in the next month! We love you little Quinn!

Out to lunch before getting snowed in!

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  1. She's got so many great pictures!! I love the matching outfits (PSU blue & white)! I miss you and am just so tickled to follow your journey as Quinn's mommy!