Monday, January 4, 2016

Q's First Christmas!

I guess my theory on this post is better late than never! We were so busy over Christmas running everywhere, and then we needed to get back into the swing of things here last week, so I am finally getting to making sure I document dear sweet Quinn's first Christmas on the blog.

We took our first road trip as a family of three, driving four hours to my family's house in Pittsburgh. We had originally planned to leave on Wednesday morning after Q's breakfast, but Tuesday around lunch I started to think about all the things that usually happen in the morning, and it's usually Q's most awake time, and I started trying to convince Matt it would be a better idea to leave when he got home from work that evening. He didn't think so until he did think so when he walked in the door after work. So we hurried up, fed Quinn one last time, threw everything in the car, and crossed our fingers. She fell asleep about ten minutes in and didn't wake up until we got to my parents' house and took her out of her seat. YES! Same thing happened on the way home. We could not have had a better experience with her in the car. 

During our time in Pittsburgh, Quinn made her social rounds at both my mom's work and my dad and sister's work (they work at the same place). She also went to meet my grandma at her assisted living place and was a little celebrity with the residents there. We took her to church on Christmas Eve. She was seriously the best behaved baby. We were totally not adhering to any kind of schedule like we typically do at home. She was so go with the flow for our entire trip. She made us look good. 

Ready for church on Christmas Eve
Christmas day we had dinner with my entire extended family at my sister's house. This is where Q got to meet all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. We are talking a lot of people, and again no schedule. She did great. Before visiting with everyone, we opened Quinn's gifts from Santa and did our family gift exchange. She got money for college, a winter bunting, lots of books, and a couple little toys, including the NogginStik. I did not want to buy that thing. It was expensive, seemed kinda dumb, and I wasn't even sure she would like it. The reviews convinced me. I'm so glad I did. Quinn is obsessed. I'm serious. I didn't think she would care, but she really likes this thing. I highly recommend it for new babies. 

There is not one picture wearing this where she doesn't look like this or worse. 

After Christmas day, we decided to give poor Q a break. We hung out at my parents pretty much all day on Saturday. Matt and I got to go out on a date in the evening. We saw a movie and went to dinner. Sunday was another relaxing day watching football and just hanging out with our family. 

First cousin pic
Old favorite and new favorite.
I am glad we have Q's first road trip in the books. It's good to know that we at least have a chance at traveling in the future. We are so lucky with how wonderfully she has fit into our family. This Christmas was definitely extra special with her in our lives. We know holidays will only continue to be more special as she grows older and really gets into the holiday spirit! 

The NogginStik!

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