Monday, May 9, 2011

A Little 911

If you know me and my work life well, you know the thing I dislike most about my job is being crisis chair. It involves way too much prep and what ifs and is way too high maintanence in my opinion. Well today at least I can say I haven't been prepping and answering what if's for we called 911. Not only this, but I was temporarily in charge of BES. Both administrators were out this morning which leaves me first in command. Naturally calling 911 is what this resorts to. To make what I could turn into a long, harrowing, dramatic tale into a short story I will tell you the brief facts...I was walking down the hall and smelled smoke and I couldn't find it. A kindergarten teacher spotted it coming out of the boys' bathroom. I took off running and had the secretaries call 911 and I pulled the fire alarm. Everyone got out safely and the fire department came. Yay! Turns out an exhaust fan had overheated in the ceiling. We were outside waiting for about an hour. The kids were so great. I leave you with one last picture of me trying to be in charge.


  1. Way to go Flaherty! A lesser person would have run screaming down the hall, jumping through the plate glass front vestibule and out into the parking lot never to be seen again.

    Also, I'm glad it was a nice day for your emergency, lol

  2. Good job being in charge! The school was in good hands. :)

    Also, I remember that you called 911 the night before my wedding!