Monday, May 2, 2011


(you can see our tent in the background)
This past weekend we went camping. Yes, I occasionally make an appearance at a campground. The first time I ever went camping I think was 23, in Rocky Mountain National Park, accompanied by 50 high schoolers. I was also in charge. Ridiculous if you ask me...I thought I was going to die, or at least be at fault for the death of a minor, but I ended up loving it. And everyone survived. My stipulations for camping include that there must be a flush toilet and it can only be for one night (although I'm hoping to work up to two nights at some point). This year we tried Prince William Forest Park. It was nice. They had a bike trail too, so we put our new bike rack to use and brought those with us as well. Talk about anxiety...driving on 495 and 95 with a lot of bike strapped on the back...yikes! Here are some other pictures from the event!

My smore
Matt and his fire

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