Sunday, March 17, 2013

We Bought a House!

Many of you know, but I was hesitant to post anything about it until the closing happened. Now I can officially announce that we are the country. Also known as the real Virginia. Matt is practicing his Virginia twang. We closed on Friday, but we have our condo until the beginning of May so we will be slowly moving and also doing so small projects at the new house. My biggest predicament is what to call the house on the blog. As you know I fondly refer to the condo as 709 since that's our apartment number. Well this house number is five digits (12704) which in my opinion is really over doing it. The street name (Lednock) really doesn't do the place any favors either. I'm taking suggestions.

On another note...we took a walk around the neighborhood on Friday night. We officially have the smallest cars in the neighborhood. We are also missing our 2.5 kids and our dog. Conversations overheard include: "It's so sad that you aren't listening and won't get ice cream tonight," and "Oh I love PetSmart. Which one do you take your dog to?" Suburbia.

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