Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring (not so much) Break?!

This past week I have been on Spring Break from school. And what a productive week it's been, which also means it hasn't been the most relaxing of breaks. I probably said, on multiple occasions in the past week, that it's going to be worth it (out loud and to myself after inhaling many paint fumes). Sadly I don't really have that many pictures to show my work, but I got a lot of painting done...more than I had set a goal for.

I really wanted to get the master bedroom done before we moved in as well as this room that I am calling "random room to the right." We bought all the paint and then I realized "random room to the right" contains a wall that doesn't really end. That means I would have had to paint half the house. We quickly aborted that plan and went with an accent wall, but that also left me with a lot of leftover Tucker's Truck (the paint color). Trucker's Truck went to the world's smallest powder room as well as a hallway bath. Both have harrowing painting tales. I will spare you the details of ballet and gymnastics on a ladder and discovering the paint store didn't give you the additional can of Tucker's Truck you asked for, but actually gave you an additional can of your master bedroom color. We also have the world's largest master bedroom that contains a "monster wall" as termed by my Honey Boo Boo who saved my life helping me do the second coat. I've also moved a lot of boxes.

The highlight and the low light of the week go to our dear sweet garage door. Quick back story: we had asked for the door to be fixed after the home inspection and the owner didn't fix it which we discovered at our closing. He ended up giving us the cash to fix it after some negotiating. The company came to fix it last Monday and it was great all week while I was working on the house. Well yesterday Matt came to see it and wanted to try it out. All I have to say is thank god no one's car was in there and no person was standing in there because that thing came ripping and crashing out of the wall. Talk about a joyful start to homeownership. Cross your fingers and everything else that I can get them to fix it for real tomorrow...on my last day of break :(

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