Saturday, August 17, 2013


Sam Adams Brewery Tour in Jamaica Plain
During our week in New England Matt turned the big 3-0. Typically we don't go all out for birthdays, or even really get each other anything, but I thought 30 at least warranted something. I couldn't really think of anything to get Matt, so I was thinking that maybe a gift of doing something would be better. I researched buying Red Sox tickets and decided to go with those. I managed to not tell Matt for an entire month either.

I really wanted to somehow get Matt to the game without ever telling him about it, but that proved to be difficult because, A. Matt was being somewhat difficult, and B. We were staying most the time in Maine and I couldn't really think of a great reason that would make someone want to drive an hour and a half to Boston after having driven 10.5 hours the weekend before and having to drive 10.5 hours back to Virginia that coming weekend. I ended up giving him the tickets the morning of his birthday. He was still surprised. We decided to make a day of it and went to Boston early to do the Sam Adams Brewery tour. I expected the tour to be pretty commercial and boring, but it ended up being awesome. Our guide was hilarious and informative, and obviously free beer was nice. He also told us it would be a good idea to visit Doyle's Cafe. We fell right into that tourist trap, but we enjoyed it. We went and got dinner around the stadium and then headed into Fenway Park. I liked Fenway Park because it's different from most other stadiums you go to. Because it's old I guess it seems a little more charming. It also doesn't seem as huge. I feel like any seat that you could sit in would be a  good seat. My favorite part was when someone hit a homerun over the Green Monster. My least favorite part was that the game was 15 innings long. Overall, though, I think it was a nice day in Boston and a nice way to spend Matt's 30th birthday.

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