Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Warm Up

I typically call the week before school starts "warm up week." You get back into a schedule, but you have a little more freedom with your lunch time, social schedule, etc. This week was one for the books. I'm not going to elaborate. All I can say is this was the most unpredictable, ridiculous week in the history of my professional back to school career. I will leave it at that. Here's to hoping things don't continue during the actual school year, and that the current state of education gets it's act together pronto.

In more positive news this is also the warm up weekend for college football. It's the one redeeming quality of back to school season. Matt and I are in Pittsburgh this weekend to spend some time with my family. I'm excited to watch Penn State in Pennsylvania with my other PSU faithful, even if they are that playing in New Jersey this weekend. I just love Penn State so much! And I love watching College Gameday on Saturday mornings in the fall! WE ARE!!!!!

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