Wednesday, August 14, 2013


After our long drive to Burlington and spending a day there, we went to Maine. Matt's family has a cottage in Wells, which is on the southern coastline. We spent the majority of the week visiting the pool and Drake Island Beach (we determined this was our favorite the last time we visited). Had you told me in my younger years that I would be vacationing in Maine, I would have had my doubts. I never really thought of Maine as a summer vacation destination, but it's great. It's not super hot and humid like the south, but it's still warm enough (most of the time) to go to the beach and pool. The ocean is freezing, but to me that's not a big deal. 

Matt's mom came to help us make lobsters one evening (more on this later as a recipe of the week), and another evening we went to one of our favorite restaurants ever, Joshua's. On our last day we drove along the coast to see the lighthouse in the background, visit Flo's hot dogs, and get some ice cream. We then continued on our way to Massachusetts to celebrate Matt and his sister's birthday as well as his dad's. It was a great week!

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