Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Recipe of the Week!

I know I said that my last post was the last one, but I guess this could be counted as a vacation post. Especially since the only place I would really eat a lobster is on vacation in Maine. I think thats the first time I ever really had lobster 2 years ago. Growing up my dad was allergic to shellfish, and my sister developed the allergy as well, so we never really ate any of it. When we went to Maine I wanted to learn how to make lobster. Matt's mom came up one night to teach us how. 


This picture was taken right before the lobster snapped his tail
and Matt threw it behind him across the kitchen. I wish I would have caught that.
There really isn't a recipe, recipe. I think the highlights of the process are boiling a large, salted pot of water. After the water boils, drop in the lobsters and cover the pot. Note the time that the water starts to boil again and let them boil for another 16ish minutes (that was for 1-1.5 pound lobsters)...more or less depending on the size. Serve with butter and lemon (because I LOVE lemon). We also had some salad and roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes.

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