Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Love


Snow Days. Does this really need explanation? I think not! Who doesn't love a snow day!?!? An unexpected day off is always amazing! It's one reason living in Virginia is better than living in Pennsylvania.


Online Shopping. For the past couple of years I have only done Christmas shopping online. Have you ever been to Tyson's Corner on a regular old Wednesday in the middle of April? It's like the biggest cluster I have ever seen. There's no way I'm going during the holidays. Online is the only option in my world.


Christmas Cards. These little surprises in my mailbox make getting the mail exciting again. Thanks for sending us fun mail, friends!


O Holy Night. This is the first of my top three of favorite Christmas songs. My fave Christmas songs are church hymns. I couldn't find a version on YouTube I was completely satisfied with, but this will work.


This Color Test. I saw this test online a month or so ago. I took it and got a 7. I had Matt take it and he got a 62. The lower the number, the higher your "color IQ." Somehow it came up when we were in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving and my parents took it. My mom was so so funny when she was doing it. She scored off the charts bad. Try it and see how you do. No one has beat my 7 yet, can you?

1 comment:

  1. online shopping ftw. if you aren't an amazon prime member, you're doin' it wrong.
    i bought nearly all my presents on amazon, had them giftwrapped, and 2nd day delivery for free. they're already at my parents house. malls are for suckers.