Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Friday Love

In honor of the year 2013, I want to recap it's top ten moments for this {Friday Love} post. Overall, it's been a big and fabulous year, and we should end it on a positive note. I can only hope 2014 trumps 2013. I'm crossing my fingers. Happy New Year, friends!


New Orleans. In January, Matt and I traveled to New Orleans. He was there for work, and I went along to have fun.


THON. Penn State Dance Marathon raised a record breaking $12,374,034.46.


Bowling. I can't even begin to describe my involvement with the bowling league. Looking back it was a great decision. It kept me busy while Matt was at class, it brought me closer with some great friends, and it was all around comedy every. single. Thursday. {THREE} also goes to Game Nights! I have never wrote a game night only post, but I have mentioned it in many posts. Game nights took over for bowling and I love it!


Buying a House! This is probably the top moment of 2013. Definitely a big accomplishment!


BurlingtonBoston, and Maine. Summer vacation.


One Year. Matt and I celebrated our first anniversary. We went to Ray's the Steaks and ate cupcakes at home, like our wedding :)


30. I had a big birthday.


Oktoberfest. We started a tradition of holding an Oktoberfest. First in Pittsburgh, then in Virginia.


Penn State vs. Michigan. My whole family traveled to Penn State and saw one of the greatest games in PSU football history!


Running. I wouldn't have though I would be posting this as ten on my list in January, but I decided to train for a half marathon. Let's hope it makes the top events of 2014!

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