Monday, September 16, 2013


I'm thirty. Officially. And I survived. It was quite a weekend. On Friday I was having a leisurely morning all to myself enjoying the Today show and looking at Facebook and whatever else I felt like doing. Basically I was delaying the job. I finally got myself together and drove to work. I received the following text from Julie Rimkus: "What is up? Stopping for breakfast? I'm dying for McD's?" My thoughts: "Is she pregnant?" and who says "What IS up?" Then I thought something might be up since that was completely random and I was later than usual for work and someone must have noticed. So I strolled on into work and turned the corner to my office which I thought might have people waiting for me, but it just looked dark and the same so I figured maybe Julie Rimkus was in fact pregnant, hungry for McDonald's, and doesn't know the appropriate use of slang. Then I looked in the window and saw the madness and 10 people shoved in there hiding in the dark for probably the last half hour when I felt like taking my gold old time. All the pictures on my blog today are of my office surprise. 

Sunday was my actual birthday. Matt suggested going on a shopping trip so I could pick out what I wanted for my birthday. I took him up on that offer and we spent the day at Tyson's doing some shopping. Earlier in the week I said to Matt that I was going to look up some restaurants I might want to go to for my birthday. He kept asking me why I wanted to do that and wasn't there only one choice. Thoroughly confused I asked him what he was talking about and he told me that the only restaurant worth eating at was Katerina's. While I was glad he had finally come to this realization, I couldn't understand why he didn't want me to pick the restaurant for my birthday. I thought he was kidding so I dropped it. I brought it back up on Saturday and he was adamant that we should go to Katerina's. This is when I thought something was up. He started telling me that we had to come all the way home after Tyson's so that he could cut the grass and shower. And that's what we did. I decided not to be difficult about it since he was probably already trying not to freak out about whatever surprise I thought was happening. When he stalled all evening long insisting that we could not possibly leave the house until he was done reading an article about Alex McCandless (the guy from Into the Wild) and his death, I could only imagine who was waiting at Katerina's.

I did decide to make things interesting on the car ride. I threw a fake fit about how I really wanted to go to Founding Farmers and this was so unfair. I probably said a lot of other ridiculous things to keep the ride entertaining, but we still went to Katerina's where all my friendsies were waiting. It was great and obviously I love Katerina's so I was happy to go there. It was a wonderful weekend and I am very thankful for all of my thoughtful and generous friends and husband for making turning 30 not so bad, and even a little exciting. That being said, when we got home we watched an episode of Mad Men and as I was getting up off the couch I started complaining about my sore hip and sore feet. Seriously, this happened. I immediately told myself to stop sounding like I was 30.

*Disclaimer: Julie Rimkus is not pregnant.

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  1. I love your disclaimer!!! Hahaha....perfect laugh at the end of a fun read :)