Friday, September 27, 2013


Ok blog readers...I have a few things to ask you. Let me start with a little back story. You might have sensed from my last post that I'm having a little bit of a rough go of it right now. I've recently decided that I should maybe start a new and exciting hobby. Maybe a new hobby would help me be excited about something, or at least give me something to look forward to besides the weekend and the month of June. I don't know what my new hobby should be though. So, any ideas? I mean seriously look at that link I posted above...those are some interesting hobbies.

I did remember that blogging is one of my hobbies and maybe I should try to put more effort into my blogging, however, one of my blogging principles is to not pressure myself to write a certain number of posts because then I might not like blogging anymore. I have been considering doing a "new segment" entitled something like "Friday Love" when I post like a top five of things I love right now, or I post a bunch of links to things around the internet on Fridays. I read a couple of blogs that do things like this and I enjoy reading, or clicking, them. What do you five list, or links to other things on the internet you might like reading?

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