Wednesday, April 22, 2015


In my comeback post I mentioned that I had recently had another wedding cupcake adventure. Well, here is the proof. I like to call this cupcake wedding a celebration of my retirement from cupcake weddings as well. Baking is so hard and so tiring. I don't know how the professionals do it. It's all last minute work and there's so much standing and bending. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic.

So here's the friend Julie's daughter was getting married. For some reason they asked me to make the cupcakes. I feel like that's a lot of trust to put into someone who has very limited experience in baking. It is a once in a lifetime event after all. I was honored to accept the challenge, and be a part of their day. Then I really thought about it and got a little panicked. One hundred eighty cupcakes, a friend, limited experience, I was also invited to this wedding and had to watch people eat my limited experience cupcakes. This could be a cupcake recipe for disaster!

Next, there was much deliberation about flavors (white chocolate raspberry, chocolate oreo, and funfetti!), there was a practice round, and a trip to a very interesting baking supply store in Fairfax. Then I started feeling better. I felt good until I tried to think through a timeline of events. As a planner and a serious prepper (as in I like to have things done way ahead of time), this was difficult. Getting things done ahead of time is just not conducive to cake baking, but the great news is that on baking day I was unusually calm about the whole thing. I borrowed lots of cupcake tins (because obviously I have only one since I'm a professional) from friends and even an extra mixer. One of my friends came over during part of the day for moral support and also washed dishes. I also went on strike from cooking other food this day and Matt was in charge of picking up dinner! Yay for Chipotle :) 

The next morning was icing and decorating day. Oh, and WEDDING DAY! I was seriously nervous about getting everything done, including myself, and making it to the nuptials. Thankfully everything went quite smoothly again. We even made it to the wedding on time! Now was the final part of my job. The delivery and set up. I had never been to the venue the reception was being held at. We put the place in the GPS and off we went. You can add 186 cupcakes to the list of "things that fit in the back of a Yaris." When we arrived at our destination I knew something wasn't right. After finding someone who worked at the place, and a little looking around, I realized I was at a Quinceanera. Oops!

After a drive across the street we found the right place, unloaded all the cupcakes, and got them all set up! I was so happy to have my job all done. The rest of the night was so fun! We had a wonderful time celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Hutton, eating a delicious meal, singing Let It Go, hanging out with our friends, and I ate two cupcakes. There was a real Oreo in one of them :) Congratulations to Bryan and Sam! Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!

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