Sunday, July 3, 2016

100 Days of Summer, Week 5

{Day 29:June 27}

I love summer dinners from the grill!
{Day 30:June 28}

Taking a class at The Little Gym.
{Day 31:June 29}

Iced coffee in a glass with lots of memories.
{Day 32:June 30}

The end of an era. Matt says goodbye to the Yaris.
{Day 33:July 1}

And then we became very suburban and very parental.
{Day 34:July 2}

She's not allergic, they said. Feed her eggs, they said. Wrong. Allergic reaction, round two.  
{Day 35:July3}

Starting somewhere. 83 days until my next half marathon. This was a 3 mile slow death.

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