Sunday, July 10, 2016

100 days of Summer, Week 6

This week the pictures are a little Quinn heavy...I guess that's what happens when it's summer and we get to spend all day every day together. In other exciting news, this is my 500th post! That really blows my mind a little bit. Even though my blog has gone a little downhill since Q came along, it's still up and running 5.5 years later.

{Day 36:July 4}

Best smile on the 4th of July!
{Day 37: July 5}

My new training partner...I think she heard all my whining on the miles and started whining herself.
{Day 38:July 6}
Happy in the high chair. We were going through major hard times with the high chair...but I finally figured it out. She just wants real food and to feed purees for this chick! 
{Day 39:July 7}

Total creeper...always climbing all over me. She loves to pull up and go between me and the couch.
{Day 40:July 8}

Meeting Matt for lunch on the hottest day EVER! 
{Day 41:July 9}

Watching a movie on Netflix...first time in a long time. Spotlight...recommend it!
{Day 42:July 10}

Q loves the pool, she's definitely a fish! I love her tongue in this picture.

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