Sunday, July 31, 2016

100 Days of Summer, Week 9

It's been an exciting week! We took our longest road trip as a family of 3. Since it wasn't hot enough in Virginia :), we decided to go south, finding ourselves in Charleston and then Hilton Head for the next week. Stay tuned for an exciting first beach experience! 

{Day 57:July 25}

First pair of's a love/hate relationship
{Day 58:July26}

I love our crepe myrtle, and I'm sad that I think we are missing it in full bloom this week. 
{Day 59:July 27}

Pack and ready to go...all this stuff for 3 people...or mostly one person.
{Day 60:July 28}

On the road...a highlight for our car seat hater...this was right before the most massive meltdown.
{Day 61:July 29}

Fort Sumter, South Carolina
{Day 62:July 30}

Our view for the week, Galleon Golf Course, Hole #1
{Day 63:July 31}

Matt's Birthday Dinner!!! 

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