Sunday, July 17, 2016

100 Days of Summer, Week 7

It's been an exciting week! We had a special brunch, went to story time, traveled, and even caught a pokemon. Quinn has been a serious trooper the past couple of days as we are visiting Pittsburgh to celebrate the impending arrival of her baby cousin. I can't believe our hundred days are halfway through. I get sad just thinking about the end of August! Here's to more adventures until then.

{Day 43:July 11}

Capturing the Pokemon in our living room. Obviously.
{Day 44:July 12}

Being a lady who brunches.

{Day 45:July 13}

First library story time.
{Day 46:July 14}

Girls Roadtrip! Don't worry the car was stopped.
{Day 47:July 15}

Visiting Aunt Caitlin at work then investigating the rumored amazing Greek food from a gas station...
{Day 48:July 16}

Playing with cousins!
{Day 49:July 17}

Caitlin's baby shower...more to follow

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