Sunday, July 24, 2016

100 Days of Summer, Week 8

Oh Week 8, really? We had quite an eventful week. We spent the early part of the week in Pittsburgh where Quinn decided sleeping was for the bird and I had all kinds of car drama. It's always something. Now we are back in HOT Virginia, getting back in the swing of things just in time to travel south later this week. Slow down, summer!

{Day 50:July 18}

Crawling in the grass in Pittsburgh.
{Day 51:July19}

When someone backs into your brand new car. At a red light. Whyyyy?
{Day 52:July 20}

And the very next day you lock your keys inside. I was ready to see Virginia again.
{Day 53:July 21}

She's a reader!
{Day 54:July 22}

What the 9 month photo shoot really looks like.
{Day 55:July 23}

Of course Q gets mail from Paris.
{Day 56:July 24}

When it's 'feels like 100+' you wear your pants on your head and you look like Laura Ingalls 

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