Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Am Number Four

The taping of I am Number Four inside FRHS
Saturday night Matt and I went to see I Am Number Four. Now typically this would have never crossed my mind as something I would like to see, but the fact that it was taped inside my high school and in my hometown peaked some curiosity. Overall the movie was pretty ridiculous with it's aliens and superhuman powers, but it was a little better than expected. The main character is an alien hiding out as a high school student. Some other alien troop is trying to hunt him down and kill him. Of course along the way he falls in love with just a regular girl (Diana Agron from Glee, another bonus of going to see this), and together they take on the bad aliens. All of this while totally blowing Franklin Regional High School to shreds. They did portray the area very nicely, and it was interesting to see where you spent a few years of your life on the big screen, but I think I could have waited and put this on my Netflix queue. The movie didn't have a firm ending so I can foresee an I Am Number Five in the future.

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