Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Day

Miraculously my already fabulous three day weekend turned into a four day weekend with a snow day! I took this picture from my balcony about mid-day today to show you what a snow day in the commonwealth of Virginia looks like. You can sort of see some snow, right? Granted there was ice coming down when I went to bed and I did take this pic halfway through a somewhat sunny day, but still. I'm not complaining, though...it's half the reason I continue to live in Virginia :) I also took this picture because I wanted to show you all the lovely construction project that is my view. I have a love hate relationship with this construction. I hate it because it's obviously very loud and it starts a 7 a.m. every single morning (yes, even Saturdays and sometimes Sundays) and its a dusting nightmare. I love it because I think its going to bring some newer and cooler shops and restaurants to my Vienna and they will be right next door! It's also great people watching. Ok so taking this balcony picture led to me taking pictures of the rest of the condo because lots of people have been asking what it looks like. So you can take a little tour below.

Mostly, I love our condo. It gets tons of sun. So much sun that we have yet to even turn on the heat this winter, and we still have to sleep with the window open sometimes so we don't sweat to death. I fear what this extreme temperature will be like in the brutal summer months that DC often experiences. It's also located really close to metro if Matt needs it for work, or just for funsies. The work commute (for both of us) is not the best, but it is manageable, and its right in the middle of DC and Manassas. 

Ok, moving on. I would consider this snow day success, but lazy. I finally filed my taxes after leaving them in limbo on turbo tax for a few weeks. I ended up having to redo everything cause VA changed its eFile system so that I was going to have to pay to file my state return. No thank you! I used H&R Block's system so that everything would be free. Just a tip for those of you who should be able to file everything for free. I also spent a good portion of the day looking for some new recipes to try. I love to cook and we need a little change of pace here. I'll give you some reviews in coming posts. Yay for only three days of work until the weekend!

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  1. Hi Erin!

    Love the apartment!!! I want to come visit and do all the cool things to do in DC. Love you!
    Aunt Jackie :) ♥♥♥