Monday, February 28, 2011

Lemon Tree

In 709 we have a third roommate. It's our lemon tree. I love this lemon tree. He is a very complex plant. I have been trying to figure this thing out since day one. The lemon tree's most recent development is all these flowers. I am stunned by these little white things. At the beginning of January the tree started turning yellow limb by limb and then each limb would lose all of its leaves. Naturally, I was very stressed about this. By mid-February we had lost the majority of the leaves, but then the little white buds were everywhere. They have turned into these beautiful little flowers and they smell amazing. It reminds me of how Hawaii smells. I am so hoping for some lemons, but I'm thinking not this year. So anyone with some advice on lemon tree growing is very much appreciated. 

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