Monday, February 21, 2011

Long Weekend!

My dance partner, THON child, and myself 
I love a three day weekend! Who doesn't? This was a very fun filled three day weekend too...even better! But before I get to all of my events of the past few days, let's do a little flashback to 2005 (and the blonde highlights to the right)...This three day weekend, six years ago, I stood up in Rec Hall and didn't sit back down for 48 hours. Penn State Dance Marathon, or THON, raises money to help fight, and find a cure for, pediatric cancer. This weekend 700 student dancers stood up in the BJC and danced the days and nights away....and you know what happened?!?! They raised a record breaking $9,563,016.09! AMAZING! That's about 9.5 million more reasons to love Penn State more than I already do.

Back to 2011. My parents came for a visit this weekend. We went on a tour of the Capitol Building on Saturday afternoon and then did a little walking tour in the Dupont Circle area. Matt has these city walk cards so we picked out one to try. Each card has a map to follow and a few landmarks of things that aren't the typical tourist spots in DC. The landmarks are things that you walk past and wouldn't know the history behind them, but the card gives you a short little explanation about it's relevance to DC culture. Definitely something to look forward to on some upcoming spring weekends. We finished up with dinner at the Daily Grill and watching the Social Network. On Sunday we took my parents to Old Town Alexandria for brunch at Murphy's and then headed over to TopGolf for some driving range action. I love TopGolf! Those of you living in the metro area should totally go. It's fun whether you are a terrible golfer or a pro. I highly recommend it.
Super windy day, but very happy for some sun!
Matt and I both had Monday off so we decided to run a bunch of errands. I will spare you the details. I will tell you, though, that I did make an exciting purchase. I am going to keep those details a surprise. I'm sure it will be seen in future blog posts, once the weather gets nicer. So tomorrow it's back to work. At least it will be a short (and hopefully quick) week.

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