Monday, August 8, 2011

Payback's A...

You know the saying. I'll leave it at that. Today I reaped the benefits of a payback that's been coming to me for about 21 years. When I was going into first grade my parents built a new house in the neighboring town to where we lived. One day shortly after the move into the new house my seven year old self and my six year old sidekick decided it would be a fabulous idea to get out our nail polish while we were supposed to be taking baths and getting ready for bed. I proceeded to paint both my sister and the bathtub with the nail polish. I think I was purposely painting my sister and it inadvertently got on the bathtub. Whatever. My mom walked in on this mess and we were banned from nail polish until about high school I think.

Fast forward to today. I was back to babysitting after a wonderful week's vacation (vacation post soon to come). Things were going great. Then at about 4 o'clock all hell broke loose. I was tipped off when the five year old was sent downstairs to get paper towels by her older sisters. I asked why she needed them and she wouldn't tell me. I said I think I will come upstairs with you. She ran ahead and said "Erin's coming" and then I heard from the oldest say "please don't yell." There was blue nail polish on the bathroom tiles and the bathroom sink and poor Barbie had hot pink nail polish highlights. The sink was also highlighted in hot pink. After I trained them in cleaning up nail polish and assisted in the clean, we went downstairs and I found dog poop all over the dining room. Thank goodness the oldest is 100% responsible for that dog and has to clean up after it. She finished that up and then the other dog puked in the family room and the kitchen. Awesome. All this in the 45 minutes just before the mom came home. After I was begged not to tell on them to their mother...we came to the compromise that the oldest would come clean, but I had to stay while she told her mom so she wouldn't yell too much since I was there.

I'm curious to see what the punishment is tomorrow. Probably no nail polish until high school.

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