Sunday, April 22, 2012


You might recall that the tenants of 709 have a love for all things Jeopardy. Well you can imagine my reaction when we found out that Jeopardy was coming to DC for a few tapings. I promptly went to My Eye Doctor to get a ticket request form (as well as an eye exam and the new glasses pictured below) and sent it off waiting and hoping. I waited and waited for my self addressed, stamped envelope to make it's way back to the east coast with tickets and finally on the first day of my fabulous spring break it did! We got tickets for the Friday evening taping! 

It was pretty much all I had ever hoped for, with one exception. I will get my complaint out of the way first. It was advertised that they were taping a sort of celebrity, power players edition. Well on Friday they were still taping the finals of the Teen Tournament. A little bit of a bummer, but no big deal. It was still pretty cool to see the very, very excited teen win (aren't you so jealous I know the results of the Jeopardy Teen Tournament!?!?). Anyway, we stood in line with a lot of interesting (nicest way to put it) people for what felt like forever, and then we got some pretty good seats. It was interesting to watch all the behind the scenes preparation too. We also met the Clue Crew (wow, I sound like such a dork).

The highlights of the taping include Alex telling stories and taking questions during the commercial breaks and the most surprising thing of all...Alex making a big mistake. When he was giving a clue he accidently gave away the answer. It was hilarious. We had to stop the taping and he said that he had only ever done that a few times in the history of Jeopardy. It was really funny he tried to just keep going and do whatever back-up plan they have for this, but the producer had to stop him and they had to edit over what was already taped. 

I can't wait to see our episodes air. Tune in on May 10th and 11th to see the finals of the Teen Tournament, and see if you can pick out where Alex made his mistake :)

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