Saturday, April 28, 2012

City Garden Season 2

Tomato plants, herb box, and the good old lemon tree
Last summer I planted a "city garden" on my balcony. I was pretty excited to do the same thing again this summer and incorporate my lessons learned. Of course we have our lemon tree. I wish that thing would grow some more of it's leaves back, but we are constantly battling each other about something. I imagine it something like having a teenager. In the earth box this year I decided to go with just two tomato plants. This year I bought more mature plants in the hope that we get actual tomatoes earlier. I felt like we were getting tomatoes into December last year. Hopefully this strategy helps. I also brought back the herb box we had last year. This year we are doing parsley, basil, cilantro, and apple mint. Matt would not leave the gardening store without the apple mint.  What we will do with it, I have no idea, but it does smell good. 
Hens and Chicks
Lastly I did a pot of hens and chicks. I did two plants in a pot and I'm hoping since they are ground cover they will take over the whole pot and look really cool. They are already starting to sprout off so it might just work. For those of you who haven't heard...hens and chicks are the main flower, well I guess plant, in our wedding. I hope they don't look like this since I want mostly the lime green color, but they didn't have that at the store. Anyway I thought it would be cool to have some. 

I planted everything about two weeks ago. I really didn't think that the temperatures were going to get so low again. It's been a little bit of a pain really. I have had to move the plants in and out of our little water heater room on the balcony so they don't freeze. Reminiscent of the hurricane event in late August. Except right now its like an every night event. Hopefully the temperatures get warm and stay warm in the next few days. So maybe I didn't learn enough lessons last year? 

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