Monday, June 6, 2011

City Garden

The garden of 709

Well if you know me at all, or you read this blog, you might know that I really like food. I also like cooking. And this may seem off topic, but I really want a dog. Well when pets are prohibited in 709 and when you live an apartment in general dogs seem a little out of the question. What is the solution? In my book, plants, food growing plants especially. I decided that this summer I should have a garden. Another daunting task when you have only an apartment to be working with. When we first moved in (as you may remember from this post) Matt and I adopted the diva of a lemon tree to the right. I am happy to say it's still living after many fights and pep talks (between me and the tree). In April we added an earth box (in the back) with a tomato, red pepper, and a strawberry. We also have an herb box with sage, basil, and cilantro. This picture was taken a few weeks ago, and since then my precious cilantro has met an untimely death, but on the bright side the lemon tree is fuller and the tomato and strawberry plants are sprouting fruit. I'm very exciting to eat these products. I'll let you know how it turns out :)

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