Thursday, June 30, 2011


Pike Place Market
It has been a crazy week. I left last Saturday for Seattle and I don't think I have stopped since. Seattle was pretty great. I love the west, mostly I love Colorado, especially Boulder, and Seattle to me was certainly comparable. I went to Seattle to attend a conference and also to accept the RAMP award that my school earned this year. Saturday night I met up with my friend Nancy from grad school and we ate at Pike Brewing Company. I will spare you the boring details of the ASCA conference and skip to the good parts. First I went and visited the Pike Place Market. I loved this place the most in Seattle. It had so much good stuff...including the fish throwers, beautiful flowers, yummy food, and Oprah's best macaroni and cheese. The is also the home of the very firt Starbucks. We also did the Duck Tour of Seattle in the afternoon before having some dinner at The Crab Pot. I really liked doing the duck tour because we got to see a lot very quickly, and learned some stuff I would have probably never known. The coolest part was when we went out on the water and saw all the house boats and floating homes in Seattle.

Seattle Skyline from the Duck Tour

Seattle was surprisingly amazing in the weather department. I was expecting rain and coldness, but it was pretty much the perfect temperature and sunny the majority of the time. We had our awards dinner on Monday night. It was pretty nice and it was really great that one of my friends from grad school got the award at the same time...definitely didn't see that coming 3 years ago. I got up really early Tuesday morning before I had to go home and went over to the Space Needle to check that out. I'm really hoping to go back on my way to Alaska one day :)

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