Friday, June 17, 2011


Behold: The traditional Bennett Wave. 

I want you to know the teachers on the sidewalk look the same as the kids hanging out the windows on their busses. You know what this means? Yes, that's's out for summer! Obviously, I'm thrilled, but it is always a little bittersweet seeing the 5th graders graduate and seeing everyone get older. Let's be honest though...summer is great. This was a very different year. Lots of new staff, not working with good friends, not being so new anymore. It flew by and I think it's because I have found a much better work/home balance. I use to be at Bennett or working on Bennett stuff all of the time, but I have become a lot better this year about leaving work at work. I need to set some really good goals for next year so I will be thinking about those over the summer. I will also be going to Seattle next weekend and to Maine in August. Possibly one of my more interesting summer plans is what I am calling "adventures in babysitting". More on this later. Summer plans anyone?

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  1. If you really want some adventures in babysitting come visit between now and August!