Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recipe of the Week!

Turkey Burgers!

Mostly I eat regular red meat cow burgers, but we happened to have some turkey so I googled "turkey burgers" to try to make things more interesting. I combined a couple of recipes to get this:

Ground turkey
Granny Smith apple
Fresh mozzarella
Spices of your choice (I just used salt and pepper)
Burger buns

Slice fresh mozzarella (one slice for each burger you need) and set aside. Combine ground turkey with diced granny smith apple. Season mixture with salt and pepper. Shape into burger patties. Once you have burgers shaped, separate the patty in half, put mozzarella inside and reshape the patty around the cheese. Grill and serve on a burger bun, or with no bun! And there you have it, a new burger for your summer cookouts!

In other news...I'm going to Seattle this weekend for a conference/awards dinner! I get to see a grad school friend too! Look for some Seattle stories next week. Babysitting is going well thus far. I hope we aren't in the honeymoon stage. 

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