Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting?!?!

Remember when I posted last Friday in my excitement that summer vacation had finally arrived? Well my day, seriously one day, of leisure is today. This summer I have decided to take a job babysitting three girls, elementary age no less. Not that working in the summer is something new for me, but this is alll summer, alll day. I have heard a lot about how I'm crazy for working when I don't have to, but I have to believe that this is somewhat mindless and easy compared to my real job. My new friends (who I don't know and have met once) are on swim team and LOVE the pool. Considering I have had a pool regimen in past summers for getting ample sun and outside time, I figure we are the perfect match. I have looked into some other activities including free bowling and movies. I will also be making my debut in Fairfax Corner as one of the fellow nannies. It should no doubt be an interesting summer. So wish me luck tomorrow on my first day, fingers crossed.

Yes, friends this means my retirement from Summer Study in Boulder is official. Shocking, I know. I thought I might start to regret my decision to fore go my Colorado summer, but that has not happened. Although I will miss those beautiful flatirons and my yearly visit with my good friend Jordan. I will not miss sleepless nights, no air conditioning, and 200 high schoolers. Here's to a hopefully long and fun summer :)

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