Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recipe of the Week!

Caprese Pasta

Alright, so again I have no real measurements or recipe for this. After coming home from California the motivation to spend even a little bit of time cooking was daunting. That combined with the fact I actually had to work my day job and go to the grocery store on virtually no sleep made it a lot worse so this little gem was my solution. I absolutely love tomato and mozzarella. I also absolutely love my city garden which you will hear about in the future. So I combined my loves and lack of sleep and this was the product. 

I just cooked up some angel hair and while that was boiling I cut up some fresh mozzarella and grape tomatoes. I tossed the angel hair in olive oil and crushed garlic and added some salt and pepper. I topped the pasta with my tomato and mozzarella and cut up some of my garden's basil to finish it off. Delicious!

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