Thursday, July 26, 2012

Long Time, No Blog

TEN DAYS and no blog post!!! Can you believe it? Maybe you can since my blogging habits have seriously gone by the wayside this summer. I did seriously intend to write a post 2 days ago then ran out of time, and then yesterday I even sat with my computer with the blog page open, but guess what happened? Yep, my antique, original MacBook Pro deciding blogging was far too much for it to handle. And even now I am using Matt's computer so I don't have to wake mine from it's slumber and argue with it. This is a problem I fully intend to solve before getting married. A new computer is going to happen ASAP.

Anyway, speaking of wedding. Last Thursday night we traveled to Pittsburgh (I can't believe this was a week ago) to get our last wedding details taken care of. We got our marriage license, I had my dress fit, I wrote a lot of emails, finalized numbers, etc. It was busy. I almost had my first official, full-on bridal meltdown on Monday morning. I had to get my hair trial done which I didn't want to do in the first place, but I sure am glad I did. It was a hot, hot mess. I made the poor girl redo it since it looked like I was going to the 8th grade dinner dance. The second time was only slightly better and still not what I asked for. This is when I almost freaked out, but somehow held it together. The third time it was going in the right direction, but not quite there. I'm sure I was definitely talked about the rest of the day. Bridezilla.

I guess the other main highlights include the Penn State sanctions (maybe we should say lowlight)...I'm sure you can guess my thoughts on this. I think I've decided not to blog about it. I'm accepting it and moving forward because I believe that Penn State is Penn State. We will prevail.

Lastly, I only have six days of babysitting left this summer. I'm excited for a nice vacation, but at the same time I will (sort of) miss my little friends and this also means summer is flying by way too fast. I hate that! I think those are my main updates for now. More reliable posts to come post computer renewal!

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