Monday, July 30, 2012

Recipe of the Week!

Sweet Potato Chips
So this is just one of those recipes that randomly occurred one night. There was one sweet potato in the house. I don't really like sweet potatoes. Matt loves sweet potatoes. It really just needed to be eaten. I love chips. Like LOVE. I can't buy them at the grocery store, or really be near them, because I will literally eat the entire bag and still want more. I love chips. So I tried making some sweet potato "chips." I tried slicing the sweet potato as thin as possible. I tossed them in olive oil and laid them on a cookie sheet. I sprinkled them with salt and cayenne pepper, and flipped them about half way through the cook time...until they were golden on each side. 

They were decent. Not really chip-like, maybe more fry-like. Worth a try if you are a sweet potato fan for sure. Also, incase you were wondering...I only like BURNT hot dogs. Usually they have to be Nathan's brand too. 

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