Monday, July 9, 2012

MacBook vs. iPad

I need technological advice. I have been debating (for a few months now) the possibility of getting an iPad instead of a new MacBook. You may remember from this post that it's about time for a new computer. What I need to know from you is what you think. Should I get an iPad or a MacBook?

Let me give you the facts. My current MacBook is functional, but definitely not ideal. I mostly use my computer for email, blogging, pictures, general internet use, occasionally to play music. That's about the extent of it. I no longer use it to write papers...maybe on occasion, but definitely not to do stuff like I did in college or grad school. Do you think an iPad could work just as well for me right now?

I see the downfalls as not having a keyboard (but I would buy it as an accessory if I go iPad), not being able to get pictures off my camera (but I could use my current computer for that, or buy an adapter), and not being able to type up a document, or print something as easily. Then there's the size factor (both a pro and a con), and the whole thing being touch screen.

Anyway, I think those are all my pros and cons for now. Soooo please if you have either of these products, or both please let me know what you think. Ideally someone out there will be solely using an iPad. I would really love to hear from that person. HELP!!!

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