Monday, June 2, 2014

A Growing Garden

I'm so excited! My garden is becoming giant...already so much better than last year. I'm pretty sure I planted my plants the last weekend in April, that makes about six weeks of growing. When I took these pictures, they had been planted about two weeks. I can't believe the difference! 

tomatos and herbs
My tomatoes already have a bunch of flowers and even the start of some tiny, green tomatoes. We have already been enjoying the basil and cilantro from the herb box. I think I might attempt to make some pesto this weekend to try and keep up.

tiny tomatoes
My experimental plants are doing well too. I discovered the first flower on one of my pepper plants this weekend. I'm still not sure how I will know if the brussel sprout plant is going to grow some brussel sprouts. 

brussel sprouts, peppers, zucchini
I was backing out of my garage this morning and noticed that my zucchini plant had a giant flower on it. I was in too much of a hurry to stop and take a picture, but I wish I would have because this is what it looked like when I got home. I did notice a bunch of smaller flowers when I took this picture, though. 

zucchini flower...wish I took the picture this morning.
I am so excited to continue watching to growing over the summer, and even more excited to start reaping some of the benefits of garden growing!

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