Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Karen & Billy

Over the fourth of July weekend Matt and I traveled to Boston for his sister's wedding. The trip was quite action packed from start to finish. We decided to leave after Matt was finished with work on Wednesday as to avoid as much holiday traffic as possible. The problem with that is we had to deal with a lot of rush hour traffic in both DC and Baltimore. We also hit terrible thunderstorms in New Jersey where we actually had to stop driving because the road started to flood. Not a big deal we were hungry anyway...then all the electricity went out in the restaurant. Then the GW Bridge through NYC had a 245 minute wait...we detoured and finally arrived in Massachusetts at three in the morning, twelve hours after leaving my house.

Over the next few days we were all in wedding mode. Lots of errands to run and last minute details to finish. Then there was good old Arthur to add to the mix. Remember him? The hurricane. Well he ended up knocking out the electricity...so we had to move wedding central to a hotel room. It was also hot..and no electricity=no air conditioning. I was never so thankful for my luxurious 21st century life.

Matt and his BFFs
Matt's family lives all over the country, so we got to visit with a lot of people we hardly get to see, some that I had never even met. It was nice to spend time with everyone. Thankfully good old Arthur got out of town in time for the rehearsal and the wedding. Both of those days were beautiful.

mid walk around the alter
Karen's fiance, Billy, is Greek. I had never been to a Greek wedding ceremony before. They use a lot of traditions in the ceremony like crowns, holding candles, and walking around the alter to symbolize different aspects of marriage. After the ceremony we headed to the reception in downtown Boston. The venue was right on the harbor and had a beautiful view of the city skyline. I really liked having the cocktail hour outside since it was a beautiful day. The reception had a lot of nice touches as well. They had both a DJ and a Greek band. I really liked watching/attempting the Greek dancing.


Our whole visit to Massachusetts was a nice one, despite all the craziness that occurred pre-wedding. Congratulations to Karen and Billy, who are now vacationing in Thailand and the Maldives. On another note, I am happy to report that our drive home was a lot less eventful.

I love Greek food!

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