Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Love


Picnics. I always love the idea of going on a picnic, but some time struggle with what to pack for them. It always seems like a lot of maintenance, or like the food just isn't all that fantastic for the occasion. I like this little picnic slot machine for ideas.


Chipotle Orders. Really Chipotle could be on my every Friday love. It's so yum! I thought this article about what your chipotle order says about you was pretty interesting, but none of them really describe me or my order, so I'm slightly disappointed.


Pool with friends. Twice this week I have been able to enjoy pool time with friends. So much fun to have company :)


Nostalgia Machine. Um, if you do nothing us with the links on this post, I don't care, but please do yourself a favor and click on this gem. You can choose a year and it brings up all the best songs from that year. Seriously it will take you back. I tried 2000 (when I got my driver's license), 2004 (college fun-ness), and 1998 (K-Ci & JoJo All My Life, yes please), but every year will take ya back! I promise!


Real Conversations. It's easy to get caught up in texting and social media these days, but I have been reminded a couple of times this week about the value of having real in person conversations, or at least talking on the phone :) It's something I want to work on :)

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