Wednesday, August 6, 2014


My blogging has been lacking for the past couple weeks, but I swear I'm still alive and still very much enjoying my summer off. August has, as usual, snuck right up on me. August is like that. But I am holding on to every low stress moment until I make myself face the hard facts that come with August. 

Maybe I can attribute my lack of blog posts to some really great summer weather (probably the nicest summer since I have lived here), pool time, a LOT of reading, and fun times spent with friends. I am also enjoying a lot of extra sleep and relaxation. I think it's been worth it. 

My goals in the last few weeks of summer are to make as many plans as possible, be a little more adventurous with my cooking, add even more books to my 'have read' list, and savor every last minute of summer that I can. 

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