Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friday Love. On Saturday...

It has been a crazy week - full of ups and downs. I had to do school work! Yikes, summer is wrapping up soon! I'm so lucky to have all these people to make my {Friday Love} possible. Yesterday was so super busy, so this {Friday Love} didn't get to make it's appearance until Saturday. Better late than never :)


Penn State Pump Up Video. It's always hard to transition back to the school year, but I've always said that football season makes it a little bit easier. The PSU pump up video came out this week. I love the connection to Lion King.


2 years. We celebrated our second anniversary this week. We enjoyed a dinner at Farmers Fishers Bakers in Georgetown and then walked to Georgetown Cupcake after. We had cupcakes on our wedding day and ate cupcakes last year on our first anniversary. It's a nice tradition.


My Boo. On Friday I attended a professional development day. Like I said in {one} it's never easy to go back to work, but getting to hang out with my former co-counselor made it bearable. That and conspiring to make it an abridged version of the day.


50 years. On Friday we celebrated my friend's 50th birthday. They went to the movies while I was professionally developing, and I joined them at a winery later. Then her family threw her a surprise party that we got her to later in the evening. Very fun!


Fun Lunch. On Thursday I went downtown to meet Matt for lunch. I also got to do a little people watching on Capitol Hill while I waited for him at Starbucks - and did some school stuff. It's fun to be able to get to do stuff that normally isn't possible during the school year. 

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