Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Love


The Barisieur. Have you seen this invention? It's a coffee alarm clock! The sounds of the brewing wake you up. I wish they had a video so I could hear what it sounds like. Did I tell you I gave up coffee this summer. I was so sad for three days. I do still miss it, but I am vowing to try my hardest to stay off coffee once school starts.


Breaking Bad. Matt and I have started (and continued at a rapid pace) watching Breaking Bad on Netflix recently. I have such mixed emotions on that show. Seriously. It makes me sad and stressed out, but I'm so curious to see what happens. It's too much for me to handle!


Jamberry. Earlier in the summer I won a couple of strips of Jamberry nails. I hate painting my fingernails so I tried them on my toes. I think they are fun accent nails and they lasted a long time. If only they weren't so expensive, I would buy them and use them all the time.


New Classroom. I have my own big classroom to use this school year! We lost quite a few students to a new school that will open this year, so we have extra classrooms. I'm really excited about it. I forgot to take pictures this week while I was working to set it up. Hopefully I remember next week and I will post them!


2048. Seriously. Why am I addicted to this game. Don't click on that link. You will be too. We need to break up.

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