Wednesday, June 10, 2015

22 Weeks!

It seems like the weeks are starting to go so quickly. I remember the first trimester taking forever! It's pretty crazy to think we will have a baby in about four months time. I can't wait for the end of school to focus more on what needs to be done. There's not too much new or interesting this week, but just to keep stats, here's whats going on at 5.5 months :) 

How far along? 22 weeks!

How big is the baby? Well, some say as big as a papaya, some say as big as a spaghetti squash.

Maternity clothes? Nope. I feel like this is getting is it possible?

Sleep? Slightly better this week, but that's not saying all that much

Symptoms? Headaches and heartburn.

Best moment this week? The baby's room got painted on Monday!!! So exciting!

Food cravings? Fruit, peanut butter, chips. Also, have you ever had a cronut? Someone brought these things to school and convinced me to try one even though I don't even like donuts. I should have never eaten it. I now think about cronuts on the regular. WHY?!?! Please note, I don't actually eat all these things. I just want them.

Food aversions? Not much right now.

Gender? It's a surprise. Any guesses? I am looking into starting a baby pool. I think that would be fun. 

What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach. Today I was also thinking about my old running ways as I watched people run down the road. I have a feeling it's going to be a rough comeback.

What I'm looking forward to? SUMMER, building furniture, and summer. 

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