Wednesday, August 5, 2015

30 Weeks

The weeks start with a THREE! I feel like that's a big deal. We have checked quite a few boxes this week (and last) in our prepping for the baby to be here. I visited two pediatricians this week, and I think we made a decision last night. We also received our glider last week and went to IKEA tonight to finish off furniture. There's still lots to do and important decisions to make, but it feels good to be checking off a few of these things. 

How far along? 30 weeks!

How big is the baby? One website says a large cabbage, another says a cucumber. They both say that the baby is almost 16 inches and around 3 pounds. I've never seen a 3 pound cucumber. I am convinced, though, that the baby is long. It can touch my hip bone and my ribs (opposite sides) at the same time.

Maternity clothes? Same status. Yes and no. I wore all regular clothes today, but my shorts were a little harder to button.

Mediocre, but I do make myself get up with Matt at least two or three mornings a week as to get some exercise and stay productive. I'm losing motivation for getting up, though.

Symptoms? I don't have a whole lot this week, other than actually sometimes feeling pregnant. I feel like I have become substantially bigger in the last few weeks.

Best moment this week? Our glider arrived! Feeling the baby's movements get much bigger, and I had a doctor appointment this afternoon that went well.

Food cravings? Just the grapes, fruit in general, salt and vinegar chips.

Food aversions? Not much right now.

Gender? It's a surprise! I shared our Baby Hunch pool and we LOVE seeing your guesses! Submit one if you would like, just follow this link:

What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach. I have thought of sushi and red wine recently, but I'm not missing those terribly.

What I'm looking forward to? Continuing to work on preparations and visiting Pittsburgh next weekend for my baby shower!

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