Monday, August 10, 2015

40 Years!

My parents officially celebrated 40 years of marriage yesterday, but on Saturday we surprised them with a gathering of family and longtime friends to help them commemorate the occasion! My sister and I talked about having a party at the end of June, made a guest list, and worried about my aunts spilling the beans for the next six weeks. 

Last Thursday I talked to my mom on the phone and was still pretty convinced she had no idea what was happening over the weekend. Matt and I arrived in Pittsburgh late Friday night while my sister and Mike were at the Pirate game with my parents. When they came home that night they were convinced my parents knew something was going on. They kept telling her that they were going to come over to her house earlier than invited the next day (Caitlin had told them to meet at her house for a drink before going to dinner with her in-laws). 

Saturday, after a smooth and uneventful set up, all of our guests arrived and we all awaited the arrival of Jim and Jane. At the time they were actually invited to my sister's house my parents randomly called me. I found myself a quiet spot and talked with them during their drive to my sister's house. Couldn't have worked out better. We knew exactly when they were coming into the backyard. You can watch the video above. They were definitely surprised, and my dad even admitted he didn't know. The evening was a great success and I'm really excited it actually was a surprise for them!

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