Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Erin Plus Three

Who takes a summer job when it's basically the equivalent of a bonus in teacher world? That's right...this crazy person. I'm babysitting the three fabulous ladies above all day, every day for the majority of the summer. So far it's good, but 4 girls all day is a lot of drama. To say the least. We've had a lot of adventures already and it's only day eight...including one (semi) lost child, a dead car battery, the day when no one listened or told the truth, swim team, and this one to Sweet Frog. Sweet Frog is one of my new obsessions...self serve frozen yogurt! More adventures to come...with no lost children I hope.

1 comment:

  1. I'll see your dead car battery and raise you a broken windshield.
    I'll see your semi lost and raise you lost car and condo keys
    I'll see your DAY no one listened and raise you many days when we could not tell truth from fiction
    And, we are not allowed to have rootbeer floats.
    So here is the deal, I will trade you our 3 for your 3 for a couple of days. Or is this sounding too much like the Randsom of Redchief