Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Week Off

I have the week to myself this week. The kids I babysit are spending the week with their grandparents I believe. In past summers I would always give myself a few days right after school ended to do absolutely nothing all day...just sleep in and sit and watch as much TV as possible. That never happened this summer. So that's pretty much what did happen (for the most part) on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday, though, was a little adventure. My friend Nicole and I planned a little winery date (something else I use to do every summer with my teacher friends) because the family she babysits for is also on vacation...perfect coincidence!

So yesterday...we decided we would pick up a little picnic lunch at Wegmans before heading to Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton. I could go on a whole tangent here about my extreme love for Wegmans, but I won't. I will just say I continue to drive 15-20 minutes back to where I use to live to keep going to that Wegmans I love it so much. Our little trip to Wegmans also turned into a celebrity sighting. Yes, that's right Jacqueline from Real Housewives of New Jersey was in the house, along with her fellow D-List costars husband, Chris, and Albie and Chris Manzo, Caroline's sons. They were doing some promotion on black water. Weird? Yes. Even weirder...Nicole going celeb creeper status around the aisles of Wegmans. 

Back to the winery. It was fun. We had both been there before, but they also just remodeled and it's really pretty and nice. The wine was decent. I actually ended up liking the white wines better than the red when it's usually the opposite. We purchased a bottle and had our picnic lunch on their new deck. After getting word of a severe thunderstorm approaching, we hit the road back to more populated parts of Northern Virginia. It was a great day and made me wish a little bit that I had more free time this summer. I am ending my week's vacation with a visit from my mom and two of my aunts. They arrive tonight so I'm sure I will have some excitement to share come Sunday!

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