Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Visit

I mentioned last week that my mom and two of my aunts were coming to visit, and that they did. They arrived late Thursday night and left yesterday afternoon. We were all over the place. Thank goodness for the wonderful moderate temperatures and low humidity that makes playing tourist a lot more pleasurable. Friday morning we went to Georgetown Cupcake. We were able to get the secret flavor of the day (they give out 100 free cupcakes to the first 100 people who ask for the secret flavor each day!) and purchased a few other flavors to try as well. I highly recommend the Lemon Blossom. We moved right on to the monuments and White House tour and then met Matt after work at the Capitol.

We decided we would make the trek to Adams Morgan that night for dinner to attempt getting a table at Pasta Mia. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! It's definitely in my top 5 favorite restaurants to go to, but we hardly ever go cause it a pain to get to, and its also always an adventure to eat there. The restaurant is tiny, doesn't take reservations, and the line starts to form down the block before it opens at 6:30. And I'm not joking when I say the kitchen is smaller than mine and I'm pretty sure they cook one table's worth of food at a time. I highly suggest going here, but if you do be prepared to wait outside to get in and then be prepared for terrible service and a long wait for your food. I also suggest only a few people go, don't bring a big group. It's worth it, I promise, and you will have leftovers for days. It's owned (I'm pretty sure) by this Italian woman who is there every time and trying to get people to buy her iPhone app and there is another guy who is also always there...maybe her son? Sound entertaining?

Ok enough of my rambling on about Pasta Mia. On Sunday we went to Eastern Market and walked around Capitol Hill. I love doing this. It doesn't get old. There is always lots to look at. You also have to visit Capitol Hill Books. That place just cracks me up. Its a huge mess of books and the owner is hilarious, but somewhat scary at the same time. My mom and aunts also visited the American History Museum and then we all went to the top of the Old Post Office Tower. We also drove around the Navy Yard so my aunt could see where my cousin will be working soon!

All in all it was a great weekend. I had to go back to work today, but luckily I was down to one kid. So quiet and so easy. I can't believe we are halfway through summer already! It's going so quickly!

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