Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fabulous Fifth Grade Field Trip

During my tenure at good old BES I have been invited, or invited myself more like it, on one field trip. This is when two of my very dear friends taught kindergarten, and one of them had a very intense group of five year olds. So why not take your school counselor. I got to go to Cows and Corn that year...after it had rained for about one week straight. It was a delightful experience. This year I got invited to join the fifth grade team on their field trip to DC. It was great! I'm so glad I went.

Capitol Christmas Tree
The planned agenda was to go to the National Tree, the Natural History Museum, monuments, and the National Tree. Well my group and I deviated from the original agenda just a little bit to make things more interesting, and interesting it was. We got stuck in a police barricade and almost run over by a motorcade. We made sure to visit all the trees including the Capitol tree above, the national tree was looking a little sad and not even picture worthy. My company on this excursion made it all the more interesting. So a very big thank you to the fabulous fifth grade team at my school for brining me along. I would say this was definitely a field trip cut out for me. Cows and Corn was a little too rugged.

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