Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recipe of the Week!

Swordfish Parmesan

When I was growing up my parents were always going to this restaurant called Monterey Bay. My dad loved the swordfish parmesan there. During my budding years as a wannabe chef I attempted to make this for him at home. When I was home for Thanksgiving we decided to make it again. Typically I make this in a pan on the stove, but it's really stressful. So I decided we should try it in the oven. It definitely wasn't as good as usual, but it sufficed. 

To prepare the swordfish steaks: Toss steaks in flour. Dip floured swordfish into whisked eggs. In a pie pan mix bread crumbs (for the picture above we used regular bread crumbs, but I would use panko in the future), parmesan, salt and pepper. Coat swordfish in bread crumb mixture. 

To cook: Bake in the oven or coat pan with olive oil and cook on the stove. 

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